This web site is a website of a private person and is about programming, diy and other things interesting to me. The variouse projects one can find here are works in progress. Some will be constantly developed farther whereas others are only a milestone on my way. For example this simple machine you can see in the following picture was created after having trouble with a cheap 3D-Printer. The controller of this printer burned away and I thought that this would be a good possibility to replace it with an Arduino. OdarTec simple machine It worked but the frame was to wobbly even to drill a little hole with an attached mini tool. So I decided to build it a little bigger with the intention to have something I can write software for to improve my programming skills. I developed the parts of this bigger machine with inventor although its not my favorite CAD-system - my favorite is Solidworks. Some parts aside the standard parts like aluminium profiles and the linear units were manufactured by a provider of mechanical fabrication.
I'm interested in microcontroller programming, software development, mechanical construction, electronics and as a whole in summary - automation. That's why one can find appropriate projects here.